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Super FUN & STRUCTURED curriculum. Mentors that CARE for you & WILL be there for you. Weekly provocative discussions & academic challenges. Meet & celebrate with other new Muslims.

Announcing Shahadah was a life changer. But if it wasn’t for the weekly mentorship I received from New Muslim Academy, I wouldn’t be the well developed Muslim I am today.

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You’ll have direct access to resource videos, live classes, and more importantly a supportive community of new Muslims, specialized teachers, and qualified mentors. They’ve all got your back at this critical stage of your life.

We hear your struggles, and we’re here to help round the clock.
They were a constant source of strength for me to lean on in the critical time I needed to learn my Deen. The curriculum is very well structured and easy to follow. If I had questions, they would be answered very clearly. I felt very comfortable.

Start a course at any time & finish at your own pace

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Live Interaction with scholars,
teachers, & peers – all become your family

You’re not alone:
direct access to discussions, consultations, & meetings

I was scared to tell my family about my Shahadah, so talking to the support group of new Muslims was very helpful. Knowing that there are others who went through the same thing calmed my fears. I am very grateful to the New Muslim Academy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

NMA courses are (and will always be) free. To honor your unique journey and facilitate learning and knowledge, NMA has decided to offer all services – courses, mentoring, general live sessions, etc. – completely free of charge. No matter where in the world you are, or what your budget is, it is our goal to make learning and knowledge accessible to you at all times!
Every NMA instructor is highly educated and specialized in his/her particular field of study. They have the strong academic background and the in-depth practical experience that makes their teaching methods holistic and enjoyable for students. They also enjoy what they teach and it shows, because they are always around to answer students’ questions. See the Bio Page for more details on all our instructors’ backgrounds.
NMA courses are all taken online – there are no set times or places for NMA courses. Classes begin when you’re ready, they follow a pace that works for your unique schedule, and you decide when class lets out. And because all classes are offered online, you can enroll from anywhere around the world.
All you need to get started on your journey with NMA is a high-speed Internet connection and an email address. Once you’re set up, you can dive into your course(s) at your own pace and you’ll see that the resources and initiatives we provide are abundant – from downloadable PDF documents, to video lectures, student forums, competitions amongst students, etc. Each course offers a well-rounded learning experience for the new Muslim student.
Our Quran Recitation course is meant for those who have no prior knowledge of the Arabic language, and we encourage students of all levels to enroll. Students will learn the correct recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah along with some other short surahs (chapters). We provide live sessions for small groups of students so they have the opportunity to memorize these chapters by reciting them directly to the teacher. Instructors are available for extra help throughout the course and will be with you until you master these chapters.
We will take you on a learning process and guided curriculum that is based on your unique schedule and learning goals, and give you all the tools you need to absorb what you’ve learned. Since we don’t want you to get overwhelmed at all the learning material, you can always contact us if you need further help regarding any course material or scheduling questions.
We understand that life circumstances sometimes leave you with less time to devote to learning than you initially anticipated. That’s why you’re welcome to re-take any courses you haven’t completed in the following course cycle. And since courses are only a month long, the next enrollment period is always just around the corner. You are also able to re-take courses as often as you’d like to refresh your knowledge and revisit concepts that you may have forgotten.
NMA has students from around the world and we connect them all through our Student Forums. It’s an online meeting place where students can ask questions, discuss course content, share insights, and offer each other support. Interacting with your instructors is also a great part of the Student Forums, as they help guide you and your peers through your discussions.
NMA deeply cares about converts and values their experience as new Muslims. Therefore, we want to ensure that you’re getting the most from your courses. Whether you have questions about coursework or are seeking to understand concepts better, the instructors are ready to address your questions during Live Sessions or in Student Forums (where you’ll receive the support and insights of your instructor, consultants as well as your peers). You may also contact your instructors directly through email.
Many new Muslims face issues related to their conversion, internal and external. That’s why NMA offers in-depth one-on-one consulting services with our highly trained staff in order to tackle and help problem-solve any issues you may need support with. As a valued member of the NMA community you’ll always find yourself surrounded by caring and supportive staff members, instructors, scholars, and peers. All you need to do is connect to at least one of us to get the valuable support you may need.
Please reach out to our Help Desk at [email protected]or (917) 775-6299 (9am-5pm EST) with your general questions, technical issues, or concerns about your account information (such as password, login info, profile changes, etc.). You may also contact us to get connected to are consultants if you want one-on- one help with any iseues, and we’ll be glad to offer assistance.
The New Muslim Academy gave me so much hope when I saw so much bickering and division amongst Muslims. If it wasn’t for Allah, and then the effort of New Muslim Academy, I don’t know if I’d still be Muslim today

We’re YOUR “Day-After-Shahadah” people
championing the New Muslim Education